Descriptive Typography - A Brainstorming Project

Descriptive Typography – A Brainstorming Project

This particular piece was actually part of a brainstorming challenge a professor gave me while preparing to design my personal branding. For this project we had to list 10 adjectives that we feel describe ourselves and what we wanted our personal brand to convey. I think that designing for ourselves and writing about ourselves can be one of the biggest challenges for some, myself included. I had no idea what 10 adjectives I would use when I sat down to do this piece, but I started with one I did know, Creative, and built the rest of this piece around it. When I sat down to complete this project, it was not anything I intended on anyone past the professor and my classmates seeing, but I really like how it turned out and I feel that sometimes the creative process can be as beautiful and important as the end result. To this day I still use some of the elements in this piece in my personal branding.



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