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Who is Pink Glasses Productions?

Rachel Massie
Graphic Designer, Artist, Maker-of-Creative-Things, and Dreamer

I’ve had a passion for creativity, art, and technology my entire life. I believe in being unique, in doing something different, in doing things that leave a legacy, and in making the world a better place, even if it is a little bit at a time.

After high school I spent 5 years in the Air Force working in Mental Health and Healthcare Administration. I got to travel, learn about being a professional, help people, serve my country, and most importantly experience life while learning about myself. Working in mental health allowed me to express my creativity because every individual requires different care, everyone will have a different path. I was always learning to see things from other’s perspectives. Once I left the military I worked in healthcare for several years, specializing in direct care of patients with Alzheimer’s and various forms of Dementia. Again my creativity allowed me to find alternative ways to communicate and enrich the lives of those who may struggle with traditional methods. I loved it and it was very rewarding, but inside I knew it wasn’t the career I wanted to dedicate my life to. I needed more, I needed to create.

I left the healthcare field to study visual arts. I started Pink Glasses Productions while learning all that I could and began to take on Freelance design clients at this time. I attended ITT Technical Institute and graduated top of my class with an Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communications in the Spring of 2012. I learned so much, but was still hungry for more. More color, more theory, more skills. A few short months later I began my next venture and started work on my Bachelor’s degree. In November 2014 I graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Graphic Design. Check me out on LinkedIn to learn more about my work history and experience.

My goal as a designer is to utilize my creativity to solve visual problems in a way that brings value to my clients. I like to use materials that support the brand and vision of a project while being both affordable and environmentally friendly. Want your business cards printed on recycled paper with organic inks? I’ve got you covered. Need a large quantity of brochures or post cards printed without braking the bank? You’re still in the right place. Want to save some trees by transitioning your marketing strategy from direct mail advertisements to email blasts and digital coupons? No problem.

The difference is in the details. I think attention to even the smallest details is important and can make or break a project. Nothing makes me happier than to mix texture and color to create depth, but also have a soft spot in my heart for a sharp, sleek, and modern design.

Most of all, I love a challenge. Trying and learning new techniques, styles, and working with new materials makes me happy. I dream of fonts, paper types, finding or creating the perfect image, Pantone colors, and putting together the perfect web page.

Do you have a project that I can bring to life? Check out some the things I can do below:

  • Logos
  • Branding / Identity Campaigns
  • Stationary (Letterhead, Envelopes, Stamps)
  • Printed Marketing Material (Brochures, Post Cards, Business Cards, Signs, Banners)
  • Digital Marketing Material (Email Blasts, Web Ads/Banners, Commercials for TV or the Web)
  • Social Media Graphics (Infographics, Digital Posters)
  • Websites, personal, small business, corporate, or e-commerce
  • Motion Graphic / Video work for the web or TV
  • Event Items (Invitations, Save the Dates, Signs, Web Pages, Table Cards, Seating Cards, Programs)

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Not sure what you need to bring your brand to life? That’s OK, remember I like a challenge. Contact me today and I can help map a course that will bring your brand and vision to life.


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