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It’s all about that print!

Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog lately, but I haven’t forgotten about you don’t worry! 😉 I’ve been working on a bunch of different things both for the blog, for me professionally, and for Pink Glasses. Let me catch you up.

So the first big thing I’ve been working on is for here on the blog. I’ve been collecting various print sample kits from online printers to discuss and review for you here. Where to get things printed is always something new designers ask. Who’s reputable? Who’s products look the best? Who has the best price? It’s easy to walk into a local printer and ask to look over some of their samples, feel their papers in various weights, and really check out the quality of their products. When you use an online printer though, it may not seem as easy to do that. The solution many companies are offering designers is a sample kit. These sample kits are different for each company, different items, different shipping, different information, and different printing methods. It’s a great way to test out various online companies though, you can see how long your oder takes to ship, how long it takes to be delivered to you, and what kind of packaging it shows up in. The samples are also helpful as a designer to get you thinking past the pixel. Sometimes designers, especially new designers, get so caught up in what they are making on-screen that they forget to design with the final product in mind. You miss out on an opportunity to take your design to the next level or to make it really stand out as something different and eye-catching if you aren’t making use of the mediums available.

As a designer these samples are also handy to show clients to help them understand what different paperweights feel like and what different finishes look like on paper. It can be quite helpful in guiding the client through the production process too. Maybe the client doesn’t really understand what the benefit could be of using UV Gloss coat or how much class a heavier paper can bring to their product and these sample packs are a great way to show them what those things look and feel like.

So I’ve collected up sample kits from some of the most well-known names in online printing. I’m going to be sharing photos of each item in the sample pack, or at least most of them, and giving you my thoughts as a designer and print enthusiast. I didn’t track how long the items took from when I placed the order until when they arrived, I do wish I had thought to do that. I do know which arrived first and which arrived last though. (Well short of the last two sample packs which I just ordered tonight. My mailman probably hates me!) I recently bought a new iPhone 6 Plus that I’m using to take all the product photos, and although I’m no photographer, I must say I LOVE the camera on this phone.

Print Sample Packs

All of the print sample packs taking over my desk!

The first up will be, they had the quickest shipping for me. I’m really excited to share everything with you, but I’ll keep each review to a separate post.  I’ve already taken the photos for this post, I just have to assemble them all and get them on here. It won’t be another two months though, I promise! =)

So that’s what’s coming for the blog! In other news, I’ve been working on projects and updating the portfolio here on the PGP website. My personal branding has been updated a bit and I’ve added new portfolio pages for the following projects:
Essential Bodywork & Wellness Studio Branding
Hozier Album and Tour Campaign
Descriptive Typography – A Brainstorming Project

All three of these were projects that I started in school and revisited to clean up a bit this past year. I recently completed a logo project for a mayoral candidate’s campaign in the small Ohio town of Gibsonburg, Ohio. I should be getting that up on the website portfolio soon. I’ve also been working with the creative team for an apparel company, Straylia, based here in the US. They are a really fun company working to inspire the masses to be unique and adventurous.  I’m helping them to bring some new design ideas of theirs to life. They’ve got some great stuff going on over on their web store already though, if you’re interested hop on over the check them out!

Lastly, I’ve been working hard to update my pdf and physical portfolios for the Rachel Massie corporate brand.  I still have lots more I would like to do, but I will say that doing work for myself is always so much harder than for clients. There are so many options and routes I could take for my own pieces, especially for my personal branding. I think those pieces will always be evolving. I love the look of letterpress business cards, and that’s what I’ve designed for myself right now but it isn’t exactly an economical production choice. Letterpress is a drool-worthy craft that takes skill and practice to hone and it’s worth every penny, but I might be giving some DIY design methods a try to fulfill my artisan card carving on a more realistic budget. I’m sure you’ll see a post on that in the future as well. =)

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read the PGP blog! I hope you’re enjoying my posts. If you are, don’t forget to give the post a like and subscribe if you haven’t already! There are lots of exciting things to come here and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

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