A Series of Small Things…

So after my last post about I decided to work on a series of interviews with various folks in the design industry. I don’t plan these to be scheduled on a regular basis just yet, it takes some time to set up interviewees and arrange things, but I am excited to get this started. I have the first interview in the works already and it’s going to be with Design Idol Graphic Designer Roberto Blake. I spent some time reading various interviews with designers and have a few questions you’ll see me asking each design idol. I’m going to try to interview people from various areas of the design industry to help us gain and learn from different perspectives. I’ll be reaching back into my networking bag for interview candidates as well as reaching out to brand new contacts.

Let me know in the comments section below if there is anyone you’d like to see a Design Idol Interview with here on the blog!

That hasn’t been the only thing going on here at Pink Glasses Productions either. If you read the blog via WordPress or email subscription you may not have noticed yet, but I’ve officially got the blog up on our custom .com domain! I know this probably doesn’t seem too exciting for most, but it feels like a big step in establishing the blog and Pink Glasses website here on the web!! I’m also a Google verified business now too. That doesn’t really mean much, other than you can find me in a local business search now, but again, it’s just another small thing making me feel more “official.”

Small Things - Pink Glasses Productions Blog

I’ve also made a few other visual changes to the home page. I traded out the social feeds for some more round flat icons that link you to Facebook and Twitter. I’m really loving the flat icon look and I feel like it makes the home page fit together a bit better. I kept the feeds in the side bar on the rest of the pages though.

Finally, I’m working on a magazine cover to go with the magazine article I did recently to complete the campaign. I’m really excited about the minimal feel I’ve got going on with it. I have always struggled with designing in a minimalistic fashion so I really wanted to challenge myself with this cover to do it successfully. I love it so far. My husband calls it “hipster feeling.” Psshh, whatever that means. 😉 I’m still playing with a bit of the text but I plan on making a post outlining my workflow on this piece once it’s completed.

Is there a particular design style or trend you’ve attempted to work with and struggled? What really helped you break through that challenge and complete the project successfully? This time I just exposed myself to an abundance of other magazine covers and made a Pinterest board with them. I pinned all styles, just any magazine cover or layout that really caught my eye and that I liked. It really helped me develop a clear vision for this project.

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read the PGP blog! I hope you’re enjoying my posts. If you are, don’t forget to give the post a like and subscribe if you haven’t already.
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