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Design Idols

I’ve been trying to expose myself to a wider variety of successful designers lately. I’ve already talked a bit here on the blog about what types of media I consume and how much of it. If you’ve been reading the blog, you probably know that I listen to several design related podcasts and I read and subscribe to quite a lot of blogs and vlogs from designers in various stages of their careers and with various success rates. I’ve recently subscribed to Roberto Blake’s YouTube channel and have been watching some of his advice videos while I work. I’ve watched several of his videos, and if you aren’t familiar with him you should definitely check him out, but last night I watched one video in particular that got me thinking. Roberto’s video, “5 Things You Don’t Learn in Graphic Design School” has many great points, but at about the 11 minute mark is what really hit home for me. He says that school only gives you the basic skills to eventually become a successful graphic designer, but you also have to know that “You don’t become a successful graphic designer without understanding who is already successful as a graphic designer.” He then goes on to list several very successful designers whom we should be familiar with.

If you’re interested, check out the video below!

Some of the designers he mentioned I was familiar with, and some I was not so I set out to familiarize myself with them, subscribe to their email lists, and follow them on their social media. Today I was checking out David Airey’s website and he’s got a whole page dedicated to advice for design students. I’m not a “student” in the traditional sense anymore, but I am at the beginning of my career and if you’re like me and like to soak up any and all advice from those more experienced than you, then you may want to click over and check out his links there (after you’re done reading this blog post of course). One of the articles references a video from another successful designer I had not been familiar with before, Michael Wolf, who talks about creativity. The video is short, around 12 minutes, but he gives such great insights I wanted to share it with you as well. Check it out below. I love how he talks about his 3 muscles that he’s developed over time, what they mean, and how they help him. I’m going to be following him and learning more about his work as well.

So thinking about these “big hitters” in the design world got me thinking, who are your design “idols?” Do you take the time to follow any big names in the design industry? Who are your favorites?

Graphic Design Idols Pink Glasses Productions Blog Post

There have been a few designers I’ve followed for some time, like Jacob Cass, but many of these big names I’ve only started to follow in the more recent months after graduating last fall. I’m in the process of redoing my portfolio projects and I want to surround myself with art and work of those who are currently successful so I can push myself and my work further. My hope is that by doing so, when I make my next career move it will be out of production art and into a more fulfilling design role either as an in-house designer or for a creative agency of some kind. I’ve got my eye on a few local companies, but that’s another post.

If you’re interested in checking out some of the folks I’m following lately, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a little list (not in any particular order) below for you complete with links to their websites. Enjoy!

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