Black and White Pink Glasses Productions Logo

Changes to the Website.

There is lots going on here right now!!

I’m finally getting around to working on the website again. I added the new magazine spread to the page and made some changes to the and pages. I also have changed how quite a few things display here on the website. You’ll see I have a new affinity for circles. =)

I really like how the home page is shaping up! What do you think?

Pink Glasses Productions Home Page Changes Screen Shot

Home Page Changes

Pink Glasses Productions Portfolio Work Page Changes Screen Shot

Portfolio Work Page Changes

I’ll be updating a few other files here soon, like my résumé, along with more project that will be added to the portfolio. I’ve been “under construction” here for far too long.

I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts or suggestions about the changes going on here at Pink Glasses Productions in the comments below. Thanks!



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