Organic Nutrition Feature Article Spread 1, Pink Glasses Productions

New Month and New Adventures!

Well as you may have noticed, I didn’t do a very good job keeping up with the 30 Day Blog Challenge last month. I had started a post wrapping up all the final posts I missed, but sometimes it’s best just to let a project go and move on. I had a lot of fun with the posts I completed though and I may pickup another blogging challenge again later in the year.

There’s been a lot of good stuff going on here at Pink Glasses Productions though! I’ve finalized the magazine spread I’ve been working on for my portfolio. FINALLY! =) Have you ever had a project you’ve been slowly working on for a long time? It feels SO good to wrap it up! I still want to create a cover page for the magazine to really make the project feel like a complete campaign for my portfolio, but that will come. I’ve started on it but I put it “away” for a little while because I wasn’t very inspired or happy with where I was going with it. Sometimes I do my best work when I have different things to work on. I like to put things back on the shelf for a bit and work on something else, it gets my creative juices flowing and often when I go back to that project with fresh eyes I’ll have some great ideas for it. Anyway, here’s the final mock-up of the magazine spread. =)

Organic Nutrition Feature Article Spread 1, Pink Glasses Productions

Organic Nutrition Feature Article Spread 1

Feature Photo: Amee Farm Organic Kale, Photo Credit Heather Platt of Three More Big Bites

Organic Nutrition Feature Article Spread 1, Pink Glasses Productions

Organic Nutrition Feature Article Spread 2

I also did something out of character for me this week. I submitted work for a logo contest. Before you write me an angry comment letting me know I’m devaluing myself as a designer as well as the design industry by doing work for free, let me say, I agree with you, normally. Normally I only work for free if I’m donating services to a charity, because, well I agree that it devalues your work as a designer and the design industry as a whole. But in this case I made an exception. The logo was for a tiny quadcopter start-up company out of Australia, and the winner gets one of their custom portable quad frames (and guess whose husband REALLY enjoys building quads and has been following this company for a while). =)

I had fun with this logo and did it pretty quickly, in just a few hours, since it was work for free and all. I used this opportunity to try a few different styles that I had never worked with before. I’m pretty happy with what came out of it though. I gave them 4 different options to choose from and offered to customize the fonts and colors if any of them were picked as the winner. Submissions were due on the 31st at midnight so I’m guessing they will announce the winner within the next week. They had a few other good options as well so we will see what they choose. Either way, it was a fun little project to add to my portfolio.

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As always I’ve got a list of projects to be working on so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of my work soon! Until then, I’d love to hear what you think of these projects! Thoughts, constructive suggestions? Beefs? Whatever it is, let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the blog while you’re here! Thanks for taking the time to read the Pink Glasses Productions blog!!



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